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Shoes has a long history. Around 5,000 years ago Yangshao period, it appeared the most primitive animal skins sewn shoes. As a tool to protect feet stay away hurt. The earliest people in order to overcome the special circumstances, not foot discomfort or injury, he invented fur shoes. Shoes to the present, on the formation of this now. It features a variety of styles of shoes everywhere.

Identification shoes quality is good or bad, from the need to focus on both the appearance and internal indicators. Due to the inherent indicators often need the help of test equipment for a consumer in terms of quality up identification of shoes from the appearance of more practical significance. From the appearance, mainly to identify good or bad quality shoes through the shoe material (including uppers, soles, shoes) both quality and workmanship. Size can be measured, to process visual, hands touching, pinching, pushing the main.

To wear a soft shoes, you should know how to choose it. Shoes material natural fiber fabrics and leather-based, chemical synthetic materials in modern times, better. According to the structure of the shoe can be divided into 4 categories include fabrics (upper material), lining, base material, accessories. mscvn4d.com help you with soft shoes, walk your world.