A mile in my leather shoes

“Good shoes take you to good places” is a phrase we are all familiar with, but I think that good shoes with high durability will take you to even better places. You are not dressed up if you are not wearing a leather shoe. Leather shoes have existed for the longest time and they just keep coming with more new styles and textures; the latest trends being; oxfords and loafers which come in patent leather, scotched grain,calf skin, shell cordovan, suede,chamois, pull-up, veg-tanned and roughout with the latest trends of leather shoes adorned in these textures, with all these varieties you can never go wrong with leather.

The main purpose of a shoe is to cover and decorate our foot and give us comfort, a leather shoe will give you all that especially because of the varieties offered. The kind of shoe that doesn’t easily get old because it has the best and simple shoe care essentials.

The designs cater for every dress code there is in this world, be it men or women, but of course when we talk about shoes women more than men always come to mind. A leather shoe can be accessorized with almost anything from a skirt, a pair of shorts, a dress e.t.c.

Leather shoes and skirt

Leather shoes and skirt

That chic ensemble of leather oxford and a high waist skirt or a dress gives a balanced complete outfit look! No outfit is complete without a pair of leather shoe. Every time you think you are going wrong somewhere in your dress code, always think leather shoe!

Leather shoes

Leather shoes and jewellery

The idea of coordinating accessories is personal but with a matching leather shoe you should be good to go. I don’t know about you but I would be lost without my jewelry on because I believe that they are my way of expressing my personality. The glam of it is in the combination of leather textures and bling (necklaces, rings, bangles e.t.c). It gives you that sophisticated look that turns you into a fashion guru.



The best part about Leather Shoes is that they can be worn anywhere; whether official or casual. Official leather shoes come in neutral and tan colors and are made of leather materials which are highly durable like suede.

Casual leather shoes on the other hand come in variety of styles, color and variety of textures that can be worn to various occasions e.g weddings, parties e.t.c

leather shoes

Weddings and parties

Weddings and parties are always about glamour and elegance from dress to shoe and from head to toe, everyone wants to be at their best game! when we talk about weddings and parties we are talking about celebrations which means dancing and and walking and running around celebrating. Leather shoes are the perfect pick for these occasions. They are crafted to be comfortable enough to rock any of these occasions and versatile enough to wear with any elegant assemble.


A shoe just like your dress code expresses your personality and leather shoe is the only way to achieve this!