A lot of brilliant and exciting designs of high heels

If asked to list the top items which can boost women’s feminine charm and elegance most, almost everyone would put heels on top of the list without hesitation. It is true that in many cases, high heels are the symbol of sexiness and feminine glamour. No women can escape the temptation of the magical heels, neither can men There are countless designs and styles oh heels for women to choose from, each showing different attraction.

Every season, from the newest collections of famous designers, we can see a lot of brilliant and exciting designs of high heels, which lead the trend of shoes in the fashion world. The most popular style may go to the pointy style featuring very thin and sharp heels and pointed toe. When walking in high heels, one should be extremely careful.

There is a large range of the length of heels from lcm to 15cm. Generally speaking, shoes with the heels less than 6cm are more comfortable to wear compared with those heels higher than 6cm. However, many women especially those petite women prefer to choose sky-high heels which in their opinion can complement their body figure best. When choosing the height of heels, you should make the decision according to your preference and comfort zone. For all kinds of formal occasions and evening events, heels are definitely the optimal options to accentuate your charisma and personal style. Considering the outfit you want to wear and the specific theme of the occasion, you can select different styles of the heels to complete your look. For example, the retro style heels would be perfect to match your umbrella skirt inspired by the 50s style for some semi-formal social gatherings. Though there are so many wonderful styles of heels that you can choose from, you shouldn’t select blindly without the consideration of comfort. Only the ones that you can comfortably walk in will be your final choice.

different high heelsSeveral Kinds Of High Heels
Platform Heel – a shoe with a platform heel has heels that run from the toe of the shoe to the heel. In other words, it has a thick layer of heel.
Wedge Heel – wedges are similar in form with the platform heel. The only difference is that that the heel area is molded in the form of a wedge.
Spool Heel – spool heels are shaped to a wide top and bottom, while the middle section of the heel is narrow.
Stiletto Heels – they are shaped like a dagger. It’s heel is pointy and slender.

Many kinds of shoes use these different kinds of heels. These are the most popular and in style shoes today.
Ankle high boots – Ankle high boots or booties are all the rage today. They can be worn with long and mini-skirts, skinny jeans, tights, leggings and, one of the newest trends, jeggings (jeans + leggings).
Ankle strap shoes – this kind of shoe has been popular for only the last decade or so. They are commonly worn with long gowns and dresses.
Mules – mules are more casual than most shoes. They are perfect for a night out or everyday clothes.
Peep toes – Peep toes, as the name suggests, are designed to allow a small portion of the toes to peep out of the shoe. This kind of shoe is very versatile. The best popular way of wearing a peep toe shoe is with a good pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt; chic, clean, elegant and classy.

Whatever kind of shoe you end up wearing, the shoe’s heels play a big part in enhancing a woman’s look and even, appeal. Here are some of the reasons why women can’t seem to get enough of those killer heels.
. Towering over everyone using high heels gives any woman a sense of power and new found confidence; and as we all know, many men find women with confidence, sexy.
. High heels angles a woman’s feet which betones the woman’s calves and creates longer looking legs.
. Wearing high heels changes the way a woman walks. It makes a woman’s hips sway more seductively. The main thing to remember when shopping for that special pair is that no matter what your body type is, there is a perfect pair of shoes out there to accentuate you and give you that confidence boost. Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect pair and you will look great and feel even better.